29 September 2008

27 before 28

Inspired by simplelovely, I have compiled a list of things I hope to accomplish before I turn the ripe, crusty and dusty old age of 28 in a few short months.

27 things to do before I turn 28

1. learn to knit
2. complete a sewing project
3. make a loaf of bread from scratch
4. eat a picnic lunch
5. bike the LA river
6. make a t-shirt using freezer paper stencils
7. visit the los angeles natural history museum
8. use the fallen fruit map to find me some free fruits
9. make jam using that fruit
10. actually finish all 5 books I have checked out from the library
11. put a basket on my bicycle
12. visit a pumpkin patch
13. start learning German
14. eat at Craft
15. decide where I am going to apply for school
16. begin researching my business plan
17. volunteer at an animal shelter
18. frame the art I have
19. actually hang it
20. organize my recipe binder
21. go camping
22. put shelves up in the bathroom
23. make my Oma’s linzertorte
24. and her kartofel zuppe and dumpff noodle
25. visit the Rose Bowl flea market
26. eat at Osteria Mozza or Pizzeria Mozza
27. organize my physical and digital photos

I'll keep you updated....

this is me thinking about checking off all the awesome things on my list. or maybe it might be me thinking I am just as bendy as Nastia Luken. I may or may not have strained a muscle pulling off this sick move.


liz said...

i ate at mozza before the day after andy's wedding...omg. i would put it on on the things to do before the end of the week list.

jessica mae said...

which one, which one? pizzeria or osteria?

ab said...

Put "go to Rose bowl" at the end of the list and i'll help you cross it off in January.

Joslyn said...

i'm so glad you joined in...
lovin your list lady!

alitron wadsbot said...

crusty????!!! whyiotta...