18 December 2008

thanksgiving philly-style

Yesterday morning I realized that I’ve been back from my fantastical adventure in Philly for almost three(!) weeks and I have yet to get my act together and tell you all about how much fun I had, how much a trip back to see familiar faces was much needed, and how it made me love my amazing group of friends and my family that much more, although I didn’t think that was possible. 

There was Mexican food eating and margarita drinking at the Dos Segundos with Meredith and Fran where I started the week off with a bang by bawling. Time it took me to start crying after I got off the plane? 3.25 hours. Ab, you can tally up your winning bets now. 

There was more drinking to be had at Johnny Brenda’s. Did you know that the amount I paid for two good draft beers and a Jameson on the rocks is the same as what it costs me to buy two crappy bottled beers here in LA? No joke. This would continue to be a theme throughout the week as I marveled at how much cheaper Philly is than LA, and celebrating that fact by spending as much of my "LA Money" as I could on booze.


There was the first official A Bit Better meeting at our super top secret headquarters, where brains were picked, beers were drunk, thrifting finds were ogled, and much laughter was had as we hammered out the format for the newest incarnation of the blog.


There was a BBQ and cupcake birthday party at Chez Bronstein. I have to give a shout out to Jed, for cooking up the juiciest, most succulent bbq pig (and for being so stach-tacular) and my homegal rkm for the uber delish coconut cupcakes, which I will forever refer to as the crackcakes. And of course to Ab and Otis for being the hostesses with the mostesses.


There was tasty food munching, wine drinking, and pony sweater wearing with Ali, Claire and Jake at the Standard Tap. A familiar face popped in for an unplanned visit and some video was shot, the likes of which have never been seen before and hopefully never will be.


There were the musical stylings of the bitchin’ Goldieboxx ladies, melting the faces off their new fans during their debut performance at the Fire. Go see these ladies now while you can afford it, before they are selling out MSG and don’t remember the names of the little people. 


There was my friend Mutlu, continuing the musical genius by slinging his soul stylings all over the place at the Tin Angel. Patron was drank, Stevie Wonder was sang at full volume, and of course, cd’s were sold for by the best looking merch team a musician could ask for. 


There was a pre-thanksgiving eve party thrown by Frosty at Silk City that was full of so much awesomeness, I'll just let the photos do the talking.



There was Thanksgiving, also known as the greatest day that ever was, the day of my birth. It was spent with my family, recovering from the previous 5 days of debauchery. We went out to eat, which I was initially against, but turned out to be a great idea, especially since my mom went ahead and pretty much prepared an entire thanksgiving meal for “leftovers”. Now you all know where I get my crazy from. 

There were "last day in philly drinks". Notice anything different about these pictures? Those there are pictures taken with the sweet sweet iphone my mama bought me for my birthday! huzzah and big shout out to mom for making her first born's life a bit better. 


And then finally there was a birthday potluck hosted by my bestie, Meredith, who does martini fueled fifties housewife like it’s no one’s business. One of the many many things I love about this crew is that they do not screw around when it comes to events where food is involved, and on this particular occasion, they did not disappoint.


And then there was me, sitting on a plane, hurtling back to the west coast, sick as a dog, and ready to do it all over again next time.  

If you want to see all 900 million pictures I took that week, or you know, just troll through for some pics of yourself to put on your myspace or facebook (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about), click here. 

holiday gift ideas pt. 2

for the cowboy rollergirl in your life:

coming soon, my long overdue recap of my thanksgiving in the city of brotherly love...

10 December 2008

holiday gift ideas

for the hipster in your life:

07 December 2008

excuses, excuses...

Apologies for the silence around here. I promise that I am still working on my Philly recap. Actually, I can't lie, I haven't started it yet, but I promise I am totally thinking about it. 

One of my excuses is that we've had some awesome people kicking it with us this week. My old roomie Katherine and her brother were here so we got to chillax together for a few days before they had to head out to an amazingly posh wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  While they were here we visited the Huntington Botanical Gardens, on which I will elaborate at a later date, but for now I will leave you with this one word: stunning.

Jake (aka MC Steak) is also here and as part of his rent, he is required to make us delish food (he is a super totally awesome chef at Standard Tap) and tonight he did not disappoint.  Behold, the most scrumptious and elegant food to ever come out of the Hot Ginger Love kitchen:

Asparagus and Jalapeno Soup

Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Fennel Haricot Vert Gremollata

As far as I am concerned, he can move in.

02 December 2008

A Bit Better

Just a heads up that the gals over at A Bit Better have decided to change things up a little and take on two new contributors, the lovely rkm and little old me! It is a site I am honored to be a part of, with three strong, beautiful women whom I adore, who are all trying to make the little things in life A Bit Better.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head; I’ll still be posting over here at HGL. The more places you can read about the interesting workings of my life the better right?

here's a sneak peek of what's to come...and don't mind that smudge on the stove, i'm just keepin' it real.

01 December 2008

awesome is not free

I am attempting to put into words the insane amounts of awesome that were had this past week in Philly, a task that is proving to be monumental, as it seems I took about nine gazillion photos, and my body has decided not to let me party for free anymore, because I am sick sick sick.

Once things return to normal, I will regale you with tales of cheap beer, pulled pork, a pants less girl rock band, a soul singing modern day Jesus Christ, awkward school portraits, and the best birthday potluck ever. Oh, and sweet sweet birthday presents from my man and my mom.

In the meantime, I leave you with these words of wisdom from a wise, wise woman that could not be more true on this Monday morning:

“Work is for Losers”.