28 September 2008

fresh, local and total cuteness overload

One of my most favorite things about living in LA is that not only are there a buttload of farmers markets every day of the week, but they run all year long. Hooray for the Southern California climate. The biggest and baddest market is in Santa Monica but unfortunately it is on Wednesday and seeing as how I have to work hard for the money, I never get to go. Fortunately, there is one on Sunday a few blocks from my house so I get to get my fix of fresh veggies, cute farm animals and potential celeb sighting (apparently Jen Garner occasionally shops here and I am waiting to spot her, because I know once we meet, we'll totally be besties).


these will be joining my peacock, alpaca and mini-pony. might need to move. patio's going to be crowded.

i loves the squash.

my absolute faves. roasted beets with gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette? delish.

kohlrabi. this is on my list of veg to try. anyone have any suggestions?

another plus to southern california living? avocados as far as the eye can see!!


I love farmers markets for many reasons, but mostly I love being able to see and talk to the people that grow the food I am going to be eating. I feel so much better putting money in that person's hand, knowing that that same hand was, just hours ago, pulling those carrots from the earth. Or, as is evident by the feather stuck to the egg above, plucking the eggs from the under the chickens butt. There is also no doubt that, straight up, the stuff just tastes better. How could it not? It traveled straight from the farm to the market in the back of some farmer's pick-up instead of in a refrigerated semi truck to a store 1000's of miles away. Love it. 


ab said...

Kohlrobi is good peeled and sliced and sprinkled with salt. That's how my friend's israeli husband eats it and he says it reminds him of his childhood.

Tha Bul Bubak said...

T-minus 5 days until orgy town usa!

jessica mae said...

i just cancelled my flight.

alitron wadsbot said...

huh huh. t.c.o.