21 October 2009

special delivery

no, i'm not going vegan, i love cheese too much to do that.

yesterday i came home to find a package from amazon waiting on my doorstep! i love getting things in the mail, especially things that aren't bills. a few weeks ago i made the chickpea cutlets from this book and they were SO good that when i saw it on sale for half off on amazon the next day, i went for it.

boris and i teamed up in deciding on the first meal: chile cornmeal crusted tofu with southwestern corn pudding and green pumpkin seed mole? or maybe potato and kale enchiladas with roasted chile sauce? too many choices.


rkm said...

my bro and i went to a vegan cooking class at horizons last night and had some delicious vegan fare! hook me up with some recipes from your new book:) ps- you and your cat are really cute together.

jessica mae said...

ugh, i love horizons so much it hurts. recipes to come, promise.