12 November 2009

brussel sprouts anyone?

i used to hate brussel sprouts, they always smelled funky, and had a weird texture. as i’ve grown older, i’ve developed an affinity for them, and now i consider them to be one of my favorite veggies.

i’m not sure how i thought the grew before but it was only once i started shopping at farmers markets that i found out that this is how they look when they are growing.

i picked this bad boy up a few days ago and am thinking about different way to cook them. i’ll definitely give my tried and true method a go (pan seared with garlic and olive oil and, towards the end, a splash of balsamic vinegar) but i need a few more recipes. any suggestions?

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ab said...

we cut them in half, toss with EVOO, salt, pepper, and any combo of spices and then roast at 400 for about 30 min. some of the leaves get crisy and all of the sprouts brown and soften. We eat brussels at least 1x a week.