16 September 2008

road trippin'

If there is one thing about me that I feel could use some improvement, is that I am easily unmotivated. And I am messy, and I cry. A lot. But back to the lack of motivation. I had been looking forward to going to Joshua Tree for weeks and Pete and I had decided to go on Saturday. Then, Saturday morning rolled around and I was all, "Joshua Tree what? this pillow is so much nicer, and not hot and not the desert." Luckily, Pete was experiencing a moment of clarity and rallied the troops. I think he just wanted me to buy him breakfast (PS. Literati Cafe? tacos? For breakfast? I think I might love you. Brilliant.). It was totally worth the drive, plus I discovered the outlets, and who doesn't love things on sale? Unfortunately, the le Creuset outlet considers knocking 20 bucks off their ridiculously expensive enamel cast iron a "deal". Oh well, I drooled over the pretty colors and then we were back to the real world.

A wind farm we passed. For a few miles, this was all you could see. So rad.

Good old Truly. Once we got out of the car, the silence was unreal. It's funny, living in a city, you sometimes forget that there are places that don't have constant noise, all the time.

This is one of the campsites the park has set up. It has a picnic table, firepit and a grill. It's not my cup of tea since there are about 10 of these sites pretty close together and I like my camping without other peeps up in my grill, but if you like less rustic camping (i.e. you like to pee in a toilet, not on the ground), you can sleep out under the stars next to some big ass rocks.

I love being slapped in the face with how awesome Mother Nature is. I love that these little yellow flowers were just chilling, like they were growing on the banks of a lush river instead of in the desert.

and then there were the Joshua Trees. Oh how you have stolen my heart with your craggly, prickly arms and ugly shapes that are awesomely beeyootiful. I love you so much that I'll overlook that you are named after a Mormon leader.

this was when i told Pete we'd be stopping at the outlets on the way home.

smell you later. LA, maybe i don't hate you after all.


ab said...

LA is lukcy to have you. I miss you.

Hot Flash said...

dear lady-
I miss you. I'm sorry we haven't caught up in awhile-between school and returning from Telluride it's been a bit crazy.
hope you are well! such great pictures!
we'll gchat soon!!


alitron wadsbot said...

so, you bring your mallow-nator to joshua tree? i want to ride in the roller skate!