30 January 2009


Today while browsing my massively long list of blogs (I'm serious, I might need a blog intervention), I found a link to the site 20x200. This site is perfect for someone like me who loves to decorate my space(s) with art that inspires me, or makes me laugh, or that just makes me happy, but doesn’t really have the pocketbook to support a full blown habit.

found here

Every week, they introduce one new photo and one new work on paper. They then offer them in three standard sizes at three different prices, each with a limited quantity. The smallest size is offered at $20 in a batch of 200 and every single print comes with a certificate of authenticity numbered by the artist. As they say, it’s a great way for people who want to sell their art and people who want to buy their art to meet.


ab said...

20x200 was featured in Domino (RIP) last month. love the concept. please keep us posted on your purchases.

also, i've been considering deleting my Reader because i am so distracted and overwhelmed by it (as evident by me commenting 4 minutes after you posted).

jessica mae said...

i know, RIP Domino, you will be missed.

I did a masive overhaul of my reader last week, deleting anything that hadn't been updated in the past two weeks (with the exception of friends who are seriously slacking in the blog dept. hello ALI AND LILY). it made my life a lot easier. i know, whoa is me, i have too many blogs on my reader.