29 January 2009

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

*Ab and Jed came to visit us over MLK day weekend and we partook in all sorts of awesomeness.  They really couldn't have picked a better weekend to come, the weather was top notch, and the conditions were prime for a dance off:

*On Friday night, Pete took me out on a surprise date to Craft LA. I have wanted to eat at Craft since before we moved here (if you remember, it was on my list, an update on the progress of the list coming soon) so to say I was excited when we pulled up is a bit of an understatement. It was, hands down, the best meal of my life. The service was great, the food was prepared perfectly, and they pretty much had to roll me out of there they gave us so much food on top of what we ordered. They even send you home with a freshly homemade chocolate chip muffin. That Tom Colicchio, always looking out for you. I want to go back every weekend for the rest of the time I live in LA. Best date ever.

*The soup phase continues, as can be seen over at A Bit Better, with some Spicy Artichoke Tomato Soup. Totally delish and perfect for that cold weather everyone else except us is experiencing (did I tell you it was 80 degrees here a few weekends ago?). Don't hate me. 

*One last thing: I bought 10lbs of oranges for 5 bucks last week at the farmers market and I've been eating one or two a day for the past week but I still have six left to use up before they go bad. Any suggestions???


ab said...

This morning I thought that the video needs to be on ABB. Maybe a cross-listing is in order.

There is an orange polenta cake receipe in this month's Gourment. Please make it.

So jeal of your oranges. I should have bought a bag. Guess a return trip is in order!

Jeffe said...

Go Petey, go Petey, go, go, go Petey! Well-taken, Jess.